Aidan Murphy

Aidan Murphy, at just 14 years old, is showing signs that he will make his mark in the world of snooker.

Aidan has been playing snooker at The Club since he was 9 years old. As members know, under normal circumstances children under 14 are not premitted on the snooker tables, however the committee granted special priviledges to Aidan and sponsor his lights for practice.

Check him out at The Club where you'll see he certainly knows how to pot and is prepared to put in the hours.

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Young Snooker Prodigy (West Country News) - Seven year old Aidan Murphy has been selected for the Bristol county under 18 pool team.

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Bristol Post Sports Awards 2017 - Aidan Murphy nominated Young Sports Personality of the Year 2017

Silver Waistcoat Tour 2017

The Club Snooker Champion for second year running

10 December 2017

Tonight we held the Semi Finals (Derek Murphy v Aidan Murphy & Steve Mansfield v Martyn Cummins) and then the Final (Aidan Murphy v Steve Mansfield) of the in-house members Snooker Competition. A massive well done to Aidan Murphy who retains his title as The Club Snooker Champion.

Aidan wins Salisbury U21's Gold Tour trophy

8 April 2018

Bristol's phenomenal young snooker player Aidan Murphy has collected his first winner’s trophy on the Cuestars South of England Under-21 Gold Tour.

The 13-year-old tasted success in the eighth leg at Salisbury Snooker Club,

Original Source: Aidan strikes gold in Salisbury

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Aidan called up for England U16's Home Internationals

17 August 2018

Aidan was been called up to play for the England Under 16's B Team in the Home Internationals 2018, 10-17 August 2018. The B Team won the competition, going unbeaten in all games.

Aidan wins EASB Regional Juniors Tour (Midlands)

23 September 2018

Aidan won his first English Association of Snooker & Billiards Regional Juniors Tour, which was held in the Midland in September 2018. Not only did he win, but he did it in style by not dropping a frame for the whole competition.

Aidan take another win

8 December 2018

Aidan won another English Association of Snooker & Billiards in the Regional Junior Tour - Midlands at Kingswinford Snooker Centre.

Aidan through to last 16 in English Amateur Competiton

27 January 2019

Aidan qualifies for the last 16 English Amateur at Martock Snooker club. This event is one of the most important events in the EASB calendar and the oldest amateur snooker competition in the world. It’s roll of honour reads like a who’s who of snooker nobility!

Aidan Murphy under 14's promo.

May 2017. Video courtesy of Derek Murphy.

Aidan Murphy snooker total clearance 133.

February 2015. Video courtesy of Derek Murphy.

Aidan Murphy seven year old snooker practise.

June 2012. Video courtesy of Derek Murphy.